Pokémon TCG Celebrations Mini Tin Set of 8
  • Pokémon TCG Celebrations Mini Tin Set of 8

    *ETA end of November*

    Pokémon TCG Celebrations Mini Tin Set of 8! 


    *All eight mini tins are included*

    Train On!


    Celebrate some of Pokémon's greatest moments over 25 years of adventure, discovery, and friendship! The Celebrations expansion offers plenty to be excited about, including an opportunity to stroll down memory lane with classic Pokémon TCG cards. Add a joyous parade of Legendary, Mythical, and other beloved Pokémon to your collection, including Mew, Ho-Oh, Zamazenta, Flying Pikachu, and Surfing Pikachu. Join the party with the Pokémon TCG: Celebrations expansion!




    In this Celebrations Mini Tin, you'll find:

    • 2 Pokémon TCG: Celebrations 4-card booster packs
    • 1 additional Pokémon TCG booster pack
    • 1 metallic Pokémon coin featuring the Pokémon 25 logo
    • A Pokémon art card showing the art from this Mini Tin - you can collect and combine all 8
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